ESS Creative and Legal Foundation is a Justice Social Enterprise in Tanzania (Mainland) which provide Legal Assurance for people who are not eligible for free legal aid and who cannot afford to hire private advocates. The Program has been in operation since 2018. Enrolled members who have benefited from this program have a motto which says "Don’t Talk to Me, Talk to My Lawyer" promoting legal representation as a constitutional right.

The core concern of legal assurance program is tackling Tanzania youth unemployment, resolving justice problem to ordinary people and contribution to the national economic growth.

Our organization currently is in growth stage, for the year 2021 we have more than 1,000 registered members under our Program and we managed to resolved more than 700 justice problem to our Program members.

The following are our achievement:

  • Winner of Segal Family Foundation, Social impact Incubator of 2021.

  • Winner of Tony Elumelu Foundation Social Entrepreneurship Program of 2021.

  • Expansion of office location from one office to other two offices in Dar es Salaam.

  • By the end of 2021 we managed to hire 11 more staff thus making total of 20 staff.

  • Our growth rate is 18% per month.

  • Our total revenue by the end of 2021 $50,000.


  • Legal Assurance has been nominated by Project Inspire Africa as the best justice innovation in Africa 2021.

  • Legal assurance has been nominated and recognized by its exceptional achievements and ground breaking strides in the world of law and technology by Africa legal innovation award of 2021.


  • Legal Program has been selected as top candidate in the world to participate Ashoka Change Maker Academy from Ashoka Foundation USA.

  • Legal Assurance Program has been selected as champion to join Tanzania social Impact Incubator Program from USA.

  • Legal Assurance Program has been selected as top candidate to join Tony Elumelu Foundation Africa Entrepreneurship Program from Nigeria.


  • Legal assurance program has been reached 25,000 people through Public Legal Education.

  • Legal assurance program has been contributed to the national growth economy though payment of tax.