Our DNA:
Innovation + Team work = Prevent and Resolve Justice Problems

We have four categories of cards to choose from depending on individual capacity to contribute. We have

1. A gold card that prevents 6 people in a family for 30,000/= per month.
2. Platinum card that prevent 4 people in a family for only 25,000/= per month.
3. Silver card that prevent 2 people in a family for only 15,000/= per month.
4. Copper card that prevent a single person for only 10,000/= per month.

In this context prevent means to cover or protect. Through legal assurance service, we cover all civil justice matters such as labor relation matters, family justice, land dispute, neighbor disputes and money disputes except political matters and criminal matters. Having our legal assurance card is like having a lawyer in your pocket. whenever you encounter legal challenge presumption of remaining silence start to apply, our member shows our legal assurance card and say "DON'T TALK TO ME, TALK TO MY LAWYER" After saying so, one of our lawyers will come and take over the legal challenge that you have encountered.

This legal assurance service is a new approach owned by ESS CREATIVE AND LEGAL FOUNDATION LEGALLY with copyright number C0837187 and full Government blessings.