ESS Creative and Legal Foundation is a winner of innovating justice challenge 2019 from East Africa Region which was organized by the Hague Institute of Innovation for Law (HiiL) and successful pitched to the innovating justice forum 2020 at the Hague, Netherlands.

ESS is run by youth legal professionals, Business experts and Financial controller we are providing legal Assurance to the 60% of Tanzanians mostly are women and youth (girls and boys) who are not eligible to get legal aid for free services and also, they cannot afford to hire private advocates.

We are not-for profit justice Social Enterprise who collaborate with Government leaders by supplementing Tanzania Government particularly justice sectors and Development partners to implement sustainable Development goal number 16.3 (Access to justice for all) through our legal Assurance service which is directly connected to Economic justice and rights


Our vision is to make sure that no one is left behind in accessing justice.


Our Mission is to empower 4 million people to prevent or resolve their most pressing justice problem by 2030